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About Avid

🌍 The Problem

Modifiable lifestyle risk factors account for over half of premature deaths worldwide.(1) All too often, people realise too late that long-standing, lifestyle-driven health conditions have progressed to life-changing illnesses and acute health events.

Taking action to manage these conditions ahead of time can mitigate and often reverse their impact. However lasting behaviour change is known to be hard and proactive support is often required but in short supply.

Technology has the potential to help identify, monitor and manage health risks, but access to human connection and expertise is essential to drive the sustained engagement needed for lasting risk reduction.


With 1 in 2 of the UK population suffering from high cholesterol, 1 in 3 high blood pressure and 2 in 3 obese, we urgently need a new, effective approach to managing these rising risks. (3,4,5) 

We need a better way to support people to engage proactively in assessing, monitoring and then improving personal health risks, via actionable data-driven insights and effective, sustainable intervention. 

Our Solution 

Avid helps users understand personal health risks and navigate to lasting, healthier habits through easy access to expert health coaching, complemented by a growing suite of digital tools. 

An initial health profile helps identify key focus areas and health risks. Then, your personal Health Navigator will match you to a shortlist of Health Coaches for expert support. Users can benefit from regular 1:1 coaching sessions, accountability check-ins and personalised content and resources tailored to their goals, their lifestyle and their risks.


Following this, a growing ecosystem of digital tools then enables further personalised behavioural intervention and ongoing health monitoring. Together these services help individuals and populations make healthier choices that directly drive effective, personalised and predictive health improvement. 


🎯 Where we are at

We are currently building out our expert health coaching network and all-in-one platform for Coaching Services covering behavioural health, fitness, nutrition and elements of chronic disease management.

Alongside this we have built out our Coaching Portal which enables approved, vetted Avid Health Coaches to better manage Clients and benefit from a growing list of additional Coaching tools. 



🚀 Where we are going 

We're on a mission to accelerate the shift towards more proactive, personalised and preventative healthcare for everyone.


We have big plans for the future of Avid and further developing the platform to drive more effective identification, monitoring and proactive management of key preventable risk factors and chronic illnesses.


More coming soon!

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