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The Breathing theme is for any Clients struggling with symptoms of breathlessness, cough and other issues related to their breathing. The focus is on educating on why breathing issues arise in long covid, teaching the core principles of 'good' breathing and introducing a number of exercises that can help. 

This theme comprises a week's worth of content, with exercises ongoing.



An understanding of the following key concepts is required ahead of coaching users through the Breathing Theme. Please review the following resources: 


Call Template

The following template outlines the structure of the Week 1 session and the key components to cover. 

Outline of the Session

The aim of this session is to: 

  1. Allow the Client to share more on how their breathing is affecting them. Gain an understanding of the restrictions that arise due to breathing issues and how this is affecting their day-to-day. 

  2. Introduce the concepts of 'good breathing', educate on the mechanics of breathing and how this can get out-of-sync with long covid. 

  3. Suggest and outline some exercises that may help establish better breathing habits. Provide advice on how to better manage breathlessness, both in pacing /planning to avoid triggers and in reducing it when it does occur. 

You will then be able to share a number of educational articles and video breathing exercises. 

If chronic cough is also an issue for the Client, you can also introduce concepts and exercises relevant to this, i.e. the Active Cycle of Breathing and how to suppress a chronic cough


Resources to Activate

Following the video call session, the following resources should be activated for the Client to review. Select the content that you think will be most relevant to the Client based on the session.

You can click on each of the tiles to view the full article or video.


Flex: To Watch
Please select between 2 - 3 of these videos for the Client

Retraining Your Breathing 1

Video | By UCLH NHST

Techniques to retrain your breathing, part 1

Retraining Your Breathing 2

Video | By UCLH NHST

Techniques to retrain your breathing, part 2

Breathlessness Support

Video | British Lung Foundation

Overview of long covid and breathlessness

Managing Breathlessness

Video | British Lung Foundation

Techniques for managing breathlessness

Active cycle of breathing technique (ACBT)

Video | By UCLH NHST

Technique to clear phlegm

Flex: To Read
Please activate as many of these as you think the Client will find useful (min 3)

Managing Breathlessness

Video | Your Covid Recovery

Planning, rest and pacing to manage breathlessness

Causes of Breathlessness

Article | By Physiotherapy for Breathing Pattern Disorders

Long covid and breathlessness, underlying causes

Check Your Breathing

Article | By Physiotherapy for Breathing Pattern Disorders

Mechanics of Breathing and core principles

A Guide to 'Good' Breathing

Article | Your Covid Recovery

Breathing patterns and top tips to improve

Short Breathing Exercise 1

Article | Your Covid Recovery

Box breathing exercise to help control breathing

Short Breathing Exercise 2

Article | By Physiotherapy for Breathing Pattern Disorders

Breathing technique to relax

If the Client is struggling with chronic cough

Stop Cough Exercise

Article | Leeds Community HT

An exercise to help suppress a chronic cough

Active cycle of breathing technique (ACBT)

Article | Homerton NHST

Clearing your chest if you have a productive cough

Controlling Your Cough

Article | By Physiotherapy for Breathing Pattern Disorders

Techniques to reduce chronic cough


Check Ins

Aim to check in twice with the Client over chat. 

  • Week 1, Day 2: How are you getting on? 

  • Week 1, Day 4: Any questions about any of the content or exercises? 

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