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Code of Conduct

for Vitala Coaches: 

💬 Communication


Good communication with the Vitala Team is essential as we work to develop the platform and make it the best we can for both Coaches and Clients. Please reach out to us promptly with any issues so we can work to resolve them as quickly as possible.


🥇 Professionalism


We expect the same level of professionalism you bring to your existing Coaching service. This involves not cancelling on clients last minute, maintaining a professional approach at all times and ensuring a responsive, reliable and high-quality service.




We select the Coaches we work with carefully to ensure their values and approach align with ours. We trust you to work with Clients in the way you see fit within the structure outlined above. You may not take Clients you match with off the Vitala Platform to work with them independantly.


Full details of this conditions can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

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