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Frequently Asked Questions 


How does the platform check if I am free for Client Calls?

How does a Client book calls with me? 


The way the calendar works is that you:

  • Mark in green all the times you are happy to receive intro calls on the Portal Availability Calendar (more info here

  • This works on a rolling weekly basis (rather than a specific date). For example, marking 10am - 3pm on Monday means availability for all Mondays 10am - 3pm going forward.

  • The system also checks your linked email calendar to make sure there is no clash with an existing event there 

  • This means when deciding when to show if you are available for an intro call, the system checks for both a green square in that time on the Portal Availability Calendar and also that there is no clash with an event in your Personal Email Calendar

  • We show the next 20 free 'slots' that you have to potential Clients for them to schedule an intro call 

  • This means if you don't want to be available for an intro call on a certain day or time, you can either (1) make sure that time on that day is not highlighted in green in your Portal Availability Calendar, or (2) You can block the time with an event on your Personal Email Calendar. Both would work.

  • When a Client books you will get an email notification of the booking (check spam/junk the first time and make sure to mark emails from Vitala as 'not spam' if they end up there!) 

  • You can then view more details about the Client in your Portal where you will see them listed under 'upcoming calls'. Go here and click the arrow next to their name to join the call at the scheduled time and meet with them.

How much notice do I get before bookings? 


At the moment we have a 2 hour buffer limit so meetings can only be booked 2 hours ahead of the current time. You'll get an email notification as soon as a booking is made.

We are trying to balance users having a fast, smooth experience but of course, coaches having enough time to review their profile and get prepared. We have found there is a lot of variation with Coach preference for this so have chosen 2 hours as the average for now. 


However, over the next few days we will be adding a feature that lets you set this 'buffer time' to how you would like it. So within your profile you can set 2 hours, 6 hours, 24 hours etc. Whatever best suits you and your current working. 

We expect users to want to book the earliest avalable time slot so a shorter 'buffer time' will likely increse your chances of intro calls being booked, but we want to make sure we are supporting you and your practice as best we can. 

We'll let you know as soon as this feature is live. 



Can I view Client details before the intro call?


Yes, we have now added a feature that lets you see all the Clients onboarding information ahead of the intro call.


If you click on the Client's name when you are in your Portal, this will open up the Client bio. We are adding more information fields to this with every update so let us know if there is any information in particular you would like us to be collecting beforehand for you. 




Working with other Clients/independently, does this affect my other work?


There is no impact on your current working and independent practice. The Vitala work is designed to work alongside your own independent practice and there is no impact on any Clients you work with outside of this. We don't do exclusivity agreements and we want the Platform to fit in alongside existing portfolio careers. All we ask is that you do not take Clients you meet on the platform off the platform to work with them independently of Vitala. 


How will Clients be matched? How does the matching work? How can I get more matches? 


Clients are currently matched predominantly on the focus areas they input (e.g. nutrition, fitness, mind, menopause, diabetes, etc.), we are working on making our matching algorithm more sophisticated with each update. 

Clients are shown a list of approximately three potential Coaches to work with. They will then look at your Coach Profiles and decide which Coach they want to schedule an intro call with.

You can use your profile to highlight your experience and areas of expertise to encourage Clients to book an intro call with you. In addition, the more avaliability you have the easier it will be for Clients to find a time to meet you. We are working on more profile features that you will be able to add soon. 



Client Contract and structure of payment


Clients sign up on a rolling basis, paying per month. 

They pay £89 a month for two one hour video session with a Coach, plus messaging via Vitala chat, then any other resources/recipes/plans/content that you want to share with them.


The £89 would cover the two sessions that month, and the subscription auto-renews unless a Client cancels it before this. 

Next updates to the portal will have payment screens for you to add your bank details, automatic payment when a Client books and a screen with a breakdown of your earnings/number of Clients per month - in the meantime, if a Client confirms you as their Coach we will contact you individually to arrange payment. 



With regards to time that you wouldn't be available to work e.g. holidays


You can toggle your visibility for taking on new Clients via your Portal - so you can switch this off anytime and you won't be visible to new Clients for new intro calls. You would then only be visible to the existing Clients you are already working with. 


Similarly you can also limit the availability you give for calls via the Portal, so only give availability for certain days/times (like Calendly).

For these existing Clients who will have already paid to work with you, we would advise rescheduling calls with them directly as you would do in your current practice. You can always end the connection to the Client if you cannot continue to work with them, but we would then match them to another Coach. 



How long will the Beta Phase run for? 

The Beta Phase will run for several weeks. During this we will drive increasing numbers of Clients to the platform. 

We will then continue to review all feedback and look to launch updated versions following this.


Volume of Clients 

We are looking to build the number of the users on the platform gradually to control the numbers matching with Coaches and give us time to work on all feedback and improvements we need. 

If at anytime you are concerned you are getting too many matches, you can always either limit your avaliabilty settings, or set your profile to 'unpublished'. 


Price point

We will be reviewing the price frequently and welcome all feedback on this. Part of the aim of the launch is to test out both the pricing amount and the pricing model. This initial price point is designed to be a 'core' offer of the platform to drive users. We are then looking to build out more ways to facilitate options for higher priced services such as additional sessions or features, or Coaches with more experience or alternative programmes with higher pricing. We appreciate you may need to modify the service you currently provide to match with the price the Vitala Client is paying vs. your current Clients. 


Can I introduce other Coaches to Vitala? I have a friend who is interested. 

Yes, definitely! We are always keen to meet new Coaches to join our mission - please ask them to fill in the form to Register their Interest Here ( and we will get in touch. 

​If you do not find the answer to your question on this page:

✉️ Please email and we will be happy to assist

💬 You can also live chat to the Vitala team via our feedback platfrom on Discord. 
Sign up here to message us if you need a quick response.

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