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Connect your calendar


Connect your Calendar to be able to set your avaliability. 

This means you'll be able to set when you are free for Clients to book sessions with you and booked calls will appear in your calendar for you to view. 

You will need to select the calendar associated with your email account to link it to your profile.


This is powered by Cronofy - a secure HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliant calendar scheduling programme. 

Choose your Working Hours


Click and drag to set your Working Hours. 

The sections in green will be displayed to Clients when booking sessions with you.

You can edit this at any point by going to the availability tab under 'Profile Settings'.


Vitala checks both your green availability and your linked calender to check if you are free for Client Calls.

The way the calendar works is that you:

  • Mark in green all the times you are happy to receive intro calls on the Portal Availability Calendar

  • This works on a rolling weekly basis (rather than a specific date). For example, marking 10am - 3pm on Monday means availability for all Mondays 10am - 3pm going forward.

  • The system also checks your linked email calendar to make sure there is no clash with an existing event there 

  • This means when deciding when to show if you are available for an intro call, the system checks for both a green square in that time on the Portal Availability Calendar and also that there is no clash with an event in your Personal Email Calendar

  • We show the next 20 free 'slots' that you have to potential Clients for them to schedule an intro call 

  • This means if you don't want to be available for an intro call on a certain day or time, you can either (1) make sure that time on that day is not highlighted in green in your Portal Availability Calendar, or (2) You can block the time with an event on your Personal Email Calendar. Both would work.

  • When a Client books you will get an email notification of the booking (check spam/junk the first time and make sure to mark emails from Vitala as 'not spam' if they end up there!) 

  • You can then view more details about the Client in your Portal where you will see them listed under 'upcoming calls'. Go here and click the arrow next to their name to join the call at the scheduled time and meet with them.

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