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Create your personal Health Coach Profile that will appear on the Vitala App for Clients to view and learn more about you and your service. 

The following steps walk your though setting up your profile, with some top tips and extra support.

1. Profile details


The Profile Builder will walk you through setting up your Coach Profile. 

Note: All the information you enter can be changed by you at any point.

2. Bio


Short Bio

We ask for a short one sentence headline to introduce yourself and your service to Clients. Keep this short and snappy, ideally under 75 characters.

Full Bio

Next fill out your full bio. This should ideally be under 1000 characters.

You can include anything you would like in your personal bio. 

Some examples of content might include: 

  • What you enjoy about Coaching and what motivates you

  • Details of your previous Coaching experience

  • More details on any qualifications or memberships you might hold

  • The types of Clients you usually work with 

  • What you hope to achieve with Clients and your usual style of working

Key Focus Areas

We then ask for some key focus areas that you are able to support Clients in managing. These are used to inform the Client-Coach matching algorithm and help us match you to Clients that best fit what you are able to support them in. You can update and edit these at any point. 

We are looking to add more options with future updates. Let us know any areas in particular you would like us to include at

3. Qualifications


Next we ask for more information on your qualifications and memberships. 

Add anything you think is relevant and would like to share with Clients.

Please note the number of Clients you worked with previously will not be displayed on your profile.

4. Current Practice

This section helps us to understand more about your current practice so we can best support you and learn more about how our Coaches like to work. 

This information will not be displayed publically on your profile and is only for internal Vitala use.

6. Social Links

Here you can link any social media accounts or webpages to give Clients more information about you and your service. 

In future updates we will be adding features that allow you to link these to your profile directly.


Note: You can edit these responses at anytime by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of your profile page and selecting Settings

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