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Avid's Long Covid Programme



The Avid Long Covid Programme provides support to those finding it difficult to recover from the long-term effects of Covid-19. It comprises a combination of educational teaching, guidance on different techniques and management strategies, informative content and interactive exercises. Everything is tailored to the individual and their needs and preferences. 



Each week the Client benefits from:

  1. A video session with the Health Coach to start and introduce the theme

  2. Content shared with the Client: video exercises and articles, activated by the Coach on a weekly basis and personalised to week's theme and the Client's goals

  3. Chat prompts in between sessions for check-ins and Q&A

This Programme outline contains the following for each Week and Theme:

  • Reference material and recommended reading/watching for the Coach ​

  • A Call Template for each Week - outlining what to cover during the call with examples ​

  • Content: A library of articles, educational videos and interactive video exercises according to the week's theme - the Coach chooses which to activate for the User​

  • Guidance on when to send Chat Prompts to the Client in between sessions



Week 1

Week 2 - 5

Week 6

Week 1: Onboard the user, introduce them to the programme, identify focus 

Week 2, 3, 4 and 5: The Coach selects a Theme to focus on each week, based on the Client's main symptoms, needs and preference. 

Some Themes contain material for more than one week, e.g. 'Mind' comprises concentration and memory (brain fog), stress, anxiety and other mental health. Some Clients may need two weeks on one theme. We advise Coaches aim to cover at least two themes with the Client over the four weeks.


Some content overlaps and some themes have exercises that continue in a series over subsequent weeks - see each week's template for more information.

Week 6: Summarise learnings from the programme and next steps

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