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Week 1: Introductory

Week 1 of the Avid Long Covid Programme focuses on:

  1. Meeting and building a relationship with the Client 

  2. Introducing the core concepts of the programme 

  3. Education on Pacing, Planning and Prioritising Approach to recovery 


An understanding of the following key concepts is required ahead of coaching users through Week 1. Please review the following resources: 


Call Template

The following template outlines the structure of the Week 1 session and the key components to cover. 

Outline of the Session

There are two aims of the first session: 

  1. Build rapport with the Client and learn more about them - aim to understand the Client’s long covid journey so far and what they are looking for support with today. 

  2. Introduce the Avid Programme and the core themes that are most relevant to the Client - explain how we can help and what the programme will involve 

Ahead of the session you should review the Client details and use these to personalise the session around the template. 

The most important aspect of the first session is to build the Client’s trust in Avid, ensure the Client feels seen and listened to, and to help you get the information you need to start to personalise the programme to the Client and their needs. 


Resources to Activate

Following the video call session, the following resources should be activated for the Client to review.

There is both default content (core) to activate and also optional content (flex) that you can choose to activate if you think it will be of benefit to the Client.

You can click on each of the tiles to view the full article or video.


Core: Getting Started
Please activate all of these for the Client

Welcome to Week 1!

Video | By Avid Team

Introduce the key themes of Avid and the programme.

Long Covid Explained

Video | By UKRI

A short intro video infographic to introduce the core concepts.

The Avid Programme

Video | By Avid Team

Introduce the 6 week plan and structure of the course.

What to Expect

Video | By Avid Team

Summary of the key components  and what to expect.

Your Avid Care Team

Video | By Avid Team

Information on the roles of Clinical Nav and Coach

Flex: To Watch
Please select between 1-3 of these videos for the Client

Pacing, Planning, Prioritising

Video | Somerset NHST

Review of the core principles of pace, plan and prioritise

Mindful Breathing Exercise

Video | Every Mind Matters

Introductory breathing exercise 

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Video | Every Mind Matters

Simple relaxation exercise

Flex: To Read
Please select between 3 - 5 of these articles for the Client

Symptoms of Long Covid

Article | BHF

Main symptoms of long covid and their frequency

Managing Your Energy

Article | BHF

3 core principles of Plan, Pace and Prioritise

3Ps approach to Self Care

Article | By RCOT

Pacing, Planning and Prioritising Self Care tasks

Post Viral Fatigue

Article | RCOT

Cont energy management and principles of recovery 

3Ps approach to Activities

Article | By RCOT

Pacing, Planning and Prioritising daily activities and housework

Setting SMART Goals

Article | By Avid Team


Check Ins

Aim to check in twice with the Client over chat. 

  • Week 1, Day 2: How are you getting on? 

  • Week 1, Day 4: Any questions about any of the content or exercises? 

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