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Join Avid’s Weight Loss Programme.

Our free 12-week health coaching programme to provide a sustainable way to lose weight and build healthy habits for life.

Real coaches. Evidence-based content. Practical, caring guidance.
All delivered through our easy-to-use mobile app.

With Avid, you get access to:

  • Regular 1:1 live video sessions with your personal health coach

  • Supportive guidance to help to set goals that work for you

  • Up to date and evidence-based educational content to help you understand how your body regulates and controls your weight

  • Regular check-ins to keep you motivated and accountable 

  • Tools to help you log your food intake and track your progress

  • All delivered seamlessly through the Avid app

We’re currently offering the programme for free in exchange for your insights and feedback on your experience. 

Sign up below and we'll get back to you with more details. 

UK residents only.

If you have any questions, please contact:

More details on Avid

Avid is a human-centered, digital-first healthcare company. We combine beautifully designed technology with medical expertise and health coaching. We deliver evidence based care programs across a number of health challenges. Our users benefit from access to trusted technologies to assess, track and manage their health. Importantly they also feel seen, heard and supported by the Avid care team, who offer bespoke, compassionate and actionable guidance.

More details on the Programme

Our weight management programme has been developed by experts to help support you to lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way. We expect you to lose at least 5% of your body weight in the 12 weeks and more in the long term. You will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to stay in control of your weight going forward. We understand how many aspects of your life impact your weight loss journey, so we provide support to help you improve your diet, physical activity, sleep and stress management. Our real whole-food approach encourages you to swap out ultra-processed foods for nutrient-dense whole foods to keep you feeling fuller for longer, enabling you to say goodbye to feeling hungry whilst leading to a natural reduction in your calorie intake too.

Securing your place

Our program is open to UK residents, over 18 years with a BMI of over 27. 

To secure your place, complete the form below and we'll then get in touch to schedule a quick eligibility call to check we are the right fit for you. 

We are able to offer the programme for free as part of our research trial. However this does mean there are a few exclusion criteria we have to check for.  

- Not pregnant or breastfeeding - No history of eating disorder - No recent significant weight loss - Not Type 1 Diabetic - No recent surgery (last 12 months), or weight loss device (last 12 months) - No recent hospital admissions (last 12 months) - No acute unstable health; or significant medical or mental health issues that are under active investigation, currently requiring significant intervention and/or are not currently well managed - Not currently taking a GLP-1 drug, SGLT-2i drug, or medications that significantly contribute to weight gain We are happy to discuss specific scenarios on a case-by-case so please get in touch at with any questions.


Complete the following form to secure your place.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Please note our main communication is through email, but we may use your mobile as a secondary option for scheduling eligibility checks if emails aren't successful.

What phone type do you use?

Please include the units (kg or lbs) with your weight entry

Please include the units (m or ft) with your height entry

​Please cofirm that you:

  • Are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Have no history of eating disorders

  • Have not experienced significant weight loss recently

  • Are not Type 1 Diabetic

  • Have not undergone any surgery or gastric balloon insertion in the last 12 months 

  • Have not been admitted to a hospital in the last 12 months

  • Do not have any acute or unstable health conditions or mental health issues that are currently requiring significant intervention, are not well managed or under active investigation.

  • Are not currently taking a GLP-1 or SGLT-2 medication, or any other medication that significantly contributes to weight gain

  • Are UK based

If unsure re any of the above, please feel free to complete the form to register your interest and get in touch at where we'll be happy to discuss anything on a case-by-case basis in more detail.

Any dietary restrictions?

Thank you for signing up! We'll be in touch shortly.

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