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Better health, 
for good.

Digital-first, human centred care programs that work.


Introducing Avid.

Avid delivers evidence-based care programs to support you to better health.

Through our combination of digital technology, accessible expertise and personalised support, we help across a number of health challenges, always keeping the focus on what matters most to you.

How it works.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Download the Avid app and choose your program.

  2. Meet your matched Clinical Navigator on a free video call.

  3. Chose to continue your program to get full access to Avid’s expert coaching, personalised content and digital tools - always focused on practical steps that work for you.


Our proven programs.

Each care program combines behaviour science and clinical protocols to support you with a personalised and sustainable approach.

Weight loss program

Lose 5-10% body weight in 12 weeks sustainably, with 1:1 health coaching, expert content and digital tracking.

Long Covid program

Our 6 week program of practical steps to recovery with 1:1 coaching, and evidence-based support

Blood pressure management

Our 12 week program to support Clients to lower their blood pressure in a holistic and sustainable way.

Loved by our users.

Real people and real results. We’re proud to have supported our happy users towards their health goals, driving the outcomes that matter.


Start today.

Download the Avid app, choose your program, and let us help you prioritise you and your health.

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