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Loved by our users.

Real people and real results. We’re proud to have supported our happy users towards their health goals, driving the outcomes that matter.

It's helped me make a step change in how I live. Ultimately, it's about health.

It gave me space to prioritise myself. I feel like i've taken back control of me.

I have no desire to go back to how I was eating before, I just feel so much better now!

Everything is different: I feel better, I look better, I move better, I'm more energised!

I've loved my coach: the accountability, the knowledge and the real personalisation!

The one-on-one support is invaluable. Just knowing you can tap into that anytime.

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Everything is different now. I feel better, I look better, I move better. I feel more focused, more energised. It’s been so rewarding. 

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It’s genuinely life-changing, even though that sounds cheesy! It’s been so nice to find something that has actually worked. It’s just been so good and it’s changed everything for the better. I feel great!

image 33.png


It’s really been the turning point for me! Exactly what I needed. 

image 35.png


It’s absolutely brilliant. I cannot praise it enough.

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Before I felt like I knew what to do to lose weight, but was never able to stick to anything long-term enough to achieve a sustainable and healthy weight loss.

But the accountability there from someone who's independent has changed everything. It gave me that push I needed to look at things and to change things, and get into a new routine now that will stick. I’m making different food choices, I’m walking to work, going to the gym more. I’m feeling really positive for the future.

image 41.png


It gave me space to prioritise myself. I feel like i've taken back control of me. 

image 43.png


I've thoroughly enjoyed it. It's been such a good journey and, I've obviously lost weight which has been great, but I just feel so much healthier and so much happier. I'm exercising more, I’m enjoying my food. I don’t feel hungry. It's all been so positive.

image 44.png


The one-on-one support is invaluable. I have really loved the weekly check-ins with my coach. 

image 23.png


I love the fact that it’s so one-to-one. It’s just so personalised. The accountabiltiy from the coaching has been so helpful to stay on track. And the knowledge! It’s been briliant! 



I’ve learnt how powerful small, weekly goals can be - making them achievable, consistent and manageable.  

Group 183.png


I just feel so much healthier. And you do feel fuller? Which is mad - because you feel fuller, even though it looks like so much less on a plate. And and it tastes really good so I can't complain.   



I’ve learnt how powerful small, weekly goals can be - making them achievable, consistent and manageable.  

image 6.png


Everything was practical and did actually achieve results. 

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One of my overall goals was to be able to take pictures with my children. I took hundreds of pictures of my children but was never confident enough to be in them because of my weight. 

But since the program, I’m no longer shying away and now I’m in those pictures with them so that they'll now have photographs to look back on when they're older, I think that's massively important.

image 40.png


At the start of the program, I used to only go out running really early in the morning or in the dark so no one would see me. Now I’m happy to go out at any point, I’ve found my confidence and I feel very empowered. I’m running everyday and I’m so enjoying being active again.

image 44 (1).png


It’s helped me to focus and prioritise myself and my health. The results speak for themselves.

image 40.png


It’s got me back from a slippery slope. Without joining this process I don’t think I would have kicked myself into action. But it’s really got me back. I’m back to being active. I feel healthier. I feel more energised and mentally I feel more agile.  It's been really positive.  

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